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Data acquisition and data monetization made easy.

UnionAll makes it easy for businesses to find, blend, and get useful
insights from data. At the same time, we help data providers make more money with less hassle using smart AI tools. It's a win-win for everyone involved.

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Data Commerce as a Service

Enabling seamless discovery and insights for buyers, and an effortless publishing and marketing experience for sellers through AI solutions.

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Data Sellers

Identify What Data to Sell

Maximize Revenue

Enjoy Cost-efficient Data Delivery

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Data Buyers

Find Relevant Data Quickly

Get Customized Data Delivery

Go from Data to Insights in Seconds

Key Features That Set Our Product Apart

Data Discovery

Quick Data Marketplace Go-live

UnionAll Features, Your Branding

Effortlessly launch your branded data marketplace with UnionAll, accessing features such as data discovery, AI semantic search, datafolio creation, and more.

Data Discovery Reimagined

An elevated data buying experience expands your customer base to non-technical and less experienced data buyers.

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Seamless Dataset Publishing

AI Engine / Guide

Describe your business, and receive AI-driven
recommendations on datasets to sell along with an estimated business case.

Publishing Portal with Automation Features

Simplify data listing tasks with UnionAll's intuitive interface. From data categorization to listing descriptions, the UnionAll platform automates the process, facilitating rapid deployment.

Provider Protal

Maximized Revenue

Multi-marketplace Exposure

Seamlessly manage data listings across multiple platforms (Snowflake, AWS, Databricks) through UnionAll's centralized platform, enhancing efficiency and coordination.

Cross-and Upsell Opportunities

UnionAll recommends ‘ad-on’ complementary datasets for your customers to purchase.

Our Partners

We have formed strategic partnerships with industry-leading vendors.


Astrato - data vizualisation made easy


Snowflake - cloud database


Fivetran - get faster and easier access to data from everywhere




Astrato - data vizualisation made easy


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Ready to Transform Your Business? Let's Get Started Today!

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